Taming the Chaos of Board Management with Governance360

Juggling the demands of your day job while volunteering as a Charity Trustee is no easy feat. You're passionate about the cause, but let's be honest, board administration can feel like herding cats at times.

Between chasing down board members for papers and preparing for meetings, keeping track of crucial documents can feel like an afterthought. But here's the thing: strong governance hinges on well-organized board papers and this is where a simple workflow portal like Governance360, designed by Charity Trustees like you to solve their own pain points becomes invaluable.

But what if you've already embraced the convenience of cloud storage and can’t see the benefits of a specific board tool.

Let's delve into the hidden pitfalls of relying solely on cloud storage for your board papers, and why email just won't cut it.

Cloud Storage: A Double-Edged Sword

Cloud storage is a game-changer for accessibility. Need that last year's budget report while on the train? No problem! However, relying solely on the cloud presents some challenges:

  • Version Control Chaos: Multiple drafts, revisions, and last-minute edits floating around can create confusion. Imagine accidentally referencing the wrong version of a paper during a critical meeting!
  • Security Concerns: Cloud storage breaches are a harsh reality. While most reputable providers offer robust security measures, a data leak could expose sensitive information and of course, it does become harder to remember which links you’ve left open out there as board members come and go.
  • Limited Functionality: Cloud storage offers basic document organisation, but it lacks features specifically designed for board management, for example document workflow, risk register management and much more.       Plus what happens to the organisation when you leave – do you want to put yourselves in the shoes of the person who comes after you and needs to work out your structure?


Email: The Never-Ending Inbox Abyss

We all know the struggle. Board papers get buried under a mountain of emails, making retrieval a frustrating exercise searching through your inbox. Here's why email just doesn't work:

  • Scattered Information: Board discussions often involve attachments spread across multiple email threads. Imagine trying to piece together a cohesive decision trail – a true headache!
  • Version Control Nightmare: With email, keeping track of the latest version of a document becomes a herculean task. Remember that time you weren't sure if you had the final version of the fundraising strategy?
  • Lack of Permissions and Audit Trails: With email, anyone with access to the inbox can potentially view sensitive documents. This lack of granular control over permissions poses a significant security risk, particularly as phishing and email hacks become wider spread.


When things go wrong: The Domino Effect of Disorganised Board Papers

Here's the scary part: disorganised board papers can have serious consequences:

  • Compliance Issues: Regulatory bodies often require organisations to maintain a clear audit trail of board decisions. Disorganised documents make it difficult to demonstrate good governance practices.
  • Legal Disputes: If a legal issue arises, easily accessible, well-organised board papers become crucial evidence. Scattered documents can hinder your ability to defend your organisation's actions.
  • Wasted Time and Resources: Imagine the countless hours wasted searching for missing documents or piecing together decision trails from fragmented emails.


The Bottom Line: Embrace a Board Management System

While cloud storage offers convenience, and email offers (questionable) familiarity, neither is a substitute for a dedicated board management system like Governance360.

Think of it as your digital boardroom assistant. A good board management system offers:

  • Secure Document Storage: With robust encryption and permission controls, your sensitive information is safe and sound.
  • Version Control: No more confusion! You post the papers, control the edits and remain in charge.
  • Meeting Management Features: Prepare agendas, distribute materials, and capture minutes, all within a single platform.
  • Benefit from additional features: For example, a live, 24 hour accessible Risk Register feature in the case of Governance360 and much more.


From Frustrated to Fantastic: Streamlining Your Boardroom

Imagine a world where board administration feels effortless. With Governance360, you can transform from a harried organizer into a strategic governance champion.

By investing in Governance360, you'll free yourself from the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – supporting your organisation's mission and building a more resilient structure for your Board, its people and its processes. So, ditch the email clutter and cloud confusion, and embrace the power of Governance360.

Your future self (and your fellow board members) will thank you!

Phil C
Post by Phil C
Phil is a Customer Success specialist at Governance360 Group